Interview: Kimberly Knight

Question One: Is this your full-time job? If not, please elaborate: What is your full-time job? Do you enjoy it the same as travel writing? Why don’t you travel write/blog full-time? Would you if you could? etc.



Blogging is not my full time job, but if it could be, I would most certainly make it so. I enjoy writing my blog above all other professional/creative endeavors.



Question Two: What made you decide to enter this field?


I entered blogging to share a my perspective on what it means to be gay and Christian in America. As a seminary educated Christian who is also a lesbian, I wanted to lend my voice to the public square to balance the conversation.



Question Three: What (if any) is your degree in? Are you doing what you expected to be doing with your degree? Is it necessary to have a degree in this field? (If you don’t have a degree, write N/A).


I have a masters of divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. I was not sure what I would do with my degree, but I knew full time ministry was not my calling. Online community and blogging have become a natural extension of my education and skills. I do not believe a degree is necessary for blogging, but I do hope more educated voices are blogging. Elevating the conversation is always a good thing.



Question Four: What was it like trying to find a job post-graduation? (If you don’t have a degree, write N/A or refer to High School).


For me, after graduate school, I found work that I was passionate about before I graduated.



Question Five: What is a typical work day like for you?


I spend the majority of my work day in my cubicle, online…


Question Six: Do you like your career?
I would prefer to be a full-time writer


Question Seven: What is the most rewarding (your favorite) part of your career?
Helping people learn how to use social media to tell their story


Question Eight: What is your least favorite part of your career?


Cubicle life


Question Nine: What career challenges have you faced?

Balancing my calling with my career – they are not the same at this time.




Question Ten: What (if anything) would you do differently?

I am not sure – seek writing jobs directly out of school, perhaps.


Question Eleven: Is it hard to become successful in this field? What steps did you take to become successful in it?


The blogging field – it was not hard, it just took a long time and learning to trust my voice.


Social media strategist – Not hard at all because technology serving community and true human connections came naturally to me. I believe my seminary education and pastoral care training has given me a better understanding of how help people with technology in gentle and compassionate ways.



Question Twelve: What tips/advice do you have for a beginner in the field?


Write every day. Without fail.